Membership Info

Interested in becoming a Mason?

The decision to become a Mason should not be taken lightly.  You would not purchase a car without taking it on a test drive first.  Similarly, we hope you wouldn't expect to join the Freemasons without first meeting its members.  Those who are interested in joining Frontier Lodge are encouraged to discuss their interest with the members of our lodge.  Feel free to visit before a lodge meeting or contact any of the officers.  We will be happy to answer questions about Masonry and discuss how Masonry may benefit you.

Petitioning for Membership

First, congratulations!  Deciding to petition has been an important first stage in the lives of all Masons. Click here to download the petition, print the petition, fill in the requested information, and return the petition to Frontier Lodge.

As part of the petition, you will be required to remit degree dues and complete a background check. Please click here for more information about background checks and ordering.

After petitioning Frontier Lodge, a petition will be read at a stated lodge meeting and held for 28 days prior to voting.  Several brothers from the Lodge will be required to meet with you and report to the lodge before your petition can be decided.  This long-standing tradition ensures that you are certain of your decision to become a Mason and that Masonry can maintain its status as an

Application for Affilitation

Masons have long been traveling men.  At Frontier Lodge No. 48, we welcome all visiting Masons to Lodge and encourage your participation.  If you should find yourself calling the Stillwater area home, whether due to job change, college attendance, or retirement, we encourage you to affiliate with Frontier Lodge and continue in your Masonic endeavors.  A printable application for affiliation and certificate of good standing documents are found in the left-hand link or click here to download an Application for Affiliation.

Petition for Reinstatement

Frontier is always eager to reconcile with members who have parted ways for a short while.  We encourage all members who have been suspended to complete the petition for reinstatement as a first step to renewing your fellowship with Frontier Lodge.  As with all of the other documents it is always beneficial to contact the lodge secretary or another officer of the lodge to help the process of reinstatement along.